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Canon: XF205 e XF200 due videocamere compatte dalle potenti funzionalità

Canon: XF205 e XF200 due videocamere compatte dalle potenti funzionalità
Canon ha ampliato la propria gamma di video professionali con il lancio di XF205 e XF200 - due videocamere compatte che offrono potenti funzionalità, ad alti livelli di qualità di immagine per una vasta gamma di operatori. Basandosi sul modello di grande successo XF105 e XF100 di Canon, i nuovi modelli sono stati migliorati in modo da riflettere i feedback dei professionisti che lavorano in una varietà di campi. La gamma XF è stata estesa nell'offerta di una versatilità ancora maggiore con XF205 e XF200, con un Canon HD Video System più potente, numerose modalità di registrazione, connettività wireless ed un design-operativo migliorato che consente agli utenti maggiore libertà di girare, visualizzare e distribuire i loro filmati durante le lavorazioni. The professional’s opinion Canon Explorer Phil Coates gets to grips with the new XF205 camcorder.Cameraman, director and filmmaker Phil Coates – who is also a Canon Explorer – was one of the first to try out the XF205 and he commented: “It’s perfect for handheld shooting and with a fantastic wide dynamic range. I really put it through its paces on this point and it definitely impressed. You are pushing the limits of what you can do – this redefines creative shooting on small cameras. It does more than you need and gives you more workflow options. It’s a winner in my book.” Designed for versatility The new cameras have been designed to enable users to achieve more than ever before. Combining outstanding image quality, and new professional features, they deliver flexibility that allows operators to take their work to the next level. Both models are powered by the Canon HD Video System and include significant enhancements. Each features a 26.8mm wide-angle Canon HD lens with an optical zoom that has been increased to 20x, working in harness with Canon’s latest HD CMOS PRO imaging sensor and a powerful DIGIC DV 4 processor. Combined with 50Mbps MPEG2 recording and 4:2:2 colour sampling, the result is video quality suitable for broadcast. High sensitivity and wide dynamic range work together to deliver excellent results, even in challenging lighting situations. Optimised for professionals: accessible to all The XF205 and XF200 have been designed to support the growing and diverse requirements of camera operators – enabling them to shoot for numerous platforms. A range of recording options provides the flexibility to simultaneously record high definition MXF files to CF cards and MP4 files to an SD card, in HD or lower resolutions – ideal for capturing footage intended for both broadcast and web channels. The rotating grip of the XF205 allows for easy handling in both horizontal and vertical positions. The design of each camera has been optimised to offer operators a tool that is intuitive to use. A new rotating grip provides additional control and stability, reducing strain and offering greater comfort during longer shoots. Three individual lens rings for focus, zoom and iris provide a configuration that is familiar to experienced camera operators, allowing a much quicker response in dynamic shooting environments. Significant enhancements have also been made to ensure easier framing and monitoring of shots. An optimised viewfinder features a resolution of 1.23m-dots, enabling much greater accuracy when checking focus. An upgraded 8.8cm OLED display also offers higher contrast, more vivid colours and faster response times that make it far superior in operation, especially in bright conditions. The XF205 and XF200 are also ideal tools for the less experienced operator. In addition to the control and precision expected by professional users, an intuitive button layout, fully automatic shooting mode and a variety of assist functions, including Face Detection, mean that even amateur users can capture great-looking footage. Professional audio and connectivity Note the XF205’s three individual lens rings for focus, zoom and iris (left of picture), which provide a configuration that is familiar to experienced camera operators, allowing a much quicker response in dynamic shooting environments. Upgraded audio capture also ensures professional quality sound fit for broadcast use. Both models support four-channel linear PCM recording, with two XLR inputs allowing the option to use professional-grade microphones. Additionally, a built-in stereo microphone and a 3.5mm microphone jack provide users with a wealth of audio options. Each camera also features WiFi and Ethernet LAN connectivity, allowing direct or wireless connection to a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Wireless connectivity offers the freedom to control the camera from a distance, view footage remotely and conveniently transfer files via FTP without the need for any additional software. In addition, a new CameraAccess function allows lower-quality proxy files to be streamed to another device via WiFi, improving the speed in which content, such as news flashes, can be shared. The XF205 expands connectivity options further with the inclusion of selectable 3G-SDi/HD-SDI, Timecode and Genlock terminals for easy integration on multi-camera shoots or with other broadcast equipment.

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