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Avigilon: Case study City of Yerevan

Avigilon: Case study City of Yerevan

La Sfida: Gestire il sistema municipale di parcheggio a pagamento e creare un'iniziativa City Safe per proteggere al meglio le persone, le proprietà, le infrastrutture e i beni. Scarica il PDF Solution Parking City Service has deployed 1,600 Avigilon™ HD 5 MP Bullet cameras with adaptive IR technology in parking areas within the city center, and plans to install another 5,400 Avigilon HD cameras for complete coverage across the entire city. Six operators manage the surveillance system using Avigilon Control Center (ACC) with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™, storing up to two weeks of 24x7 continuous surveillance footage on 40 Avigilon Network Video Recorders located in the new air-conditioned data center. Benefits

  • Effective management of paid parking system
  • Secure parked vehicles and prevent crime
  • Generate revenue for city
  • Assist in traffic flow management
  • Faster footage search and export times
  • High-quality image detail for identification
  • Scalable to meet future Safe City goals case-study-end-to-end

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